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Reuters Events: Transform Europe 2021
Sustainability is now the business imperative. It must be adopted to uphold and advance the reputation, resilience, and long-term profitability of the business. Yet, delivering a sustainable business is no longer limited to the Sustainability function; the entire value chain has a critical role to play in transforming business to be both purpose and profit driven. To make demonstrable advancements businesses must focus their efforts on their supply chains which harbour the biggest issues and opportunities. All this and much more will be discussed at this year’s Transform Europe event, aimed at providing you and your peers the answers and ideas you need to kick on your initiatives and investments in 2022. Key themes in 2021 include: NET ZERO & REAL ZERO Discerning judgement from consumers, shareholders and employees means that there is zero tolerance for greenwashing or carbon offsetting shortcuts. Learn just how to deliver strategised, goal-driven and transparent change across your supply chain to help meet your Net Zero goals. SUSTAINABLE PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN Hear how procurement professionals are transforming their own role, and their teams’, to push forward the sustainability agenda for the whole business. PLASTICS & PACKAGING For many businesses, going fully circular isn’t achievable in the short-term. Understand how to take a refreshed look at the packaging dilemma by finding ways to balance - and explain - their approach to reduce, remove, and replace polluting materials. Visit the website and download the brochure here:

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