Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services does the Conference Alert 360 offer?
Conference Alert 360 provide the information related to international conference around the world. Through Conferences alarm you can also promote your events.

How do I add an event to Conference Alert 360?
To add an event to the Conference Alert 360 database, please visit the home page and click on Add Event. There is no charge for first 10 events of any organizer on Conference Alert 360.

Do I have to create an organizer account to add an event to Conference Alert 360?
Yes. You have to organizer account. If you would like to add other events to Conference Alert 360, and see them all listed together on one dashboard, you are required to log in to the same organizer account when adding events.

How do I subscribe to Conference Alert 360?
To subscribe to receive conference information in your areas of interest, please visit the Conference Alert 360 home page and click on Subscribe. You will begin receiving conference information after you have confirmed your subscription.

Are organizer and subscriber accounts the same thing? What is the difference?
Subscriber accounts and organizer accounts are not the same thing. A subscriber account will allow you to receive email announcements and newsletters about events in your areas of interest. An organizer account will allow you to add, promote and edit your events.

Can I be an organizer and a subscriber at the same time?
Yes. You can create one organizer account and one subscriber account. You will need to use two unique and different usernames.

As an organizer, can I see all the events I have added to Conference Alert 360 in one place?
You can create a dashboard where all your events are listed together. To do this, create an organizer account, with a new user name and password. Each time you want to add an event to Conference Alert 360, you should log in using this user name and password. All events will then be listed on your dashboard, and you will be able to edit and promote events from the dashboard.

What requirements must my event meet to be listed on Conference Alert 360?
We do not list the following types of events:
• Journals
• Courses or training events
• Awards ceremonies
• Competitions
• Lectures
• Launches
• Promotions
• Events with only 1 speaker

The event must also meet the following requirements:
• The website must be complete (not under construction), contain relevant conference details and be publicly accessible.
• The website must clearly state the conference name, date and place.
• The website must give topic areas to be covered at the conference.
• There must be a contact email address or contact form on the conference website.
• The website must have an English version.

Acceptance/Rejection of your event based upon decision of Conference Alert 360 review Committee.

As a Event organizer, how can I use Conference Alert 360 to promote my event?
Conference Alert 360 Offered 5 paid services for additional conference publicity:
• Spotlight service: banner on home page - 250 USD per month
• Featured event service: conference announcement emailed to subscribers - 150 USD
• Ad box service: Ad box on pages of the site and in Monthly Alarm - 50 USD per
• Banners on other pages of Conference Alert 360 - 75 USD per page per month
• Bold event service on Conference Alert 360 – 50 USD.

As an Event organizer, will I still be able to list my events for free?
Yes. Organizers are able to add a maximum of 10 events in ordinary free listing.

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