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Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Canada 2024
Connect with 300+ industry leaders at Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance Canada 2024 in Toronto and navigate the complexities of Canadian insurance. This year, we will address the most pressing topics faced by insurance professionals, from insurtech breakthroughs and AI's transformative power, to abating the talent shortage. Unearth effective strategies to counteract inflation's sting and mitigate the fallout from natural disasters, all while refining your approach to customer experience. Engage in meaningful discussions and participate in interactive sessions that will inform and inspire. Network with peers, gain invaluable insights from experts, and take the lead in shaping a more resilient future for Canadian insurance. Don't miss out on the opportunity to influence the future of insurance and ensure your company stays at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction. Register now for #FOICanada and be a part of Canada’s premier convergence of ideas and leadership!

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