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Monitoring of Mediterranean coastal areas: Problems and measurement techniques
The event is addressed to scholars of Mediterranean coastal areas and it is proposed as a place to make known the research work carried out in the last years on the subject of monitoring the Mediterranean, and as an opportunity to present new proposals and promote actions to safeguard the marine and coastal environment. Symposium addresses issues related to coastal areas of the Mediterranean and to search for technical solutions to problems related to: coastline morphology, flora & fauna of littoral system, ICZM, coastline geography & landscape,energy production, cultural heritage. Our aim is to organize the Symposium onsite in Livorno. If the limitations imposed by the covid-19 pandemic did not allow the taking place the on-site event, the Organizing Committee will evaluate all the possible alternatives in order not to alter the founding spirit of the Symposium. In any case, as for the 2020 edition (see ), the publication in full of the accepted works in the Proceedings will be guaranteed, with ISSN, ISBN and DOI codes.

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