Conference/Event Details

AH-DT2023: Arts and Humanities in Digital Transition
  • Event Type:- Conference
  • Event platform:-  In-Person
  • Location:- Lisbon, Portugal
  • Event Organized By:-  Nova Institute of Portugal
  • Contact Person:-  Conference Coordinator
  • Email Id:- [email protected]
  • Website:-
  • Start Date:- 06-July-2023
  • End Date:- 07-July-2023
  • Deadline for abstracts/proposals:- 06-March-2023
  • Topics:- Anthropology, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences
Transformations stemming from digital technologies are growing with every passing decade, even if the newness of new media is gradually fading. In the idea of digital transition, a feeling of disruption is intertwined with that of inevitability and becoming, mixing voluntarism and the design of the artificial with new evolutionary narratives. Between a persistent post-historical atmosphere and the spectre of an era of extinctions, the certainty of a generalised digital transition stands out as an inescapable path towards the future. A path where not only capitalism but also the insufficiently acknowledged co-evolution of nature and technique would definitely take the place of history itself. The question concerning the digital (Krämer, 2018; Hui, 2019; Galloway, 2021), which has only begun, is crucial for understanding the deep anthropological, ecological and cosmological crisis (Latour, 2021) of the present and resisting a oneway universalisation of technology.

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